An 11-kilo gas bottle is enough for around 15 hours of barbecue fun – as a rule of thumb. According to the German Liquid Gas Association (DVFG), anyone who grills once a week can use it for the whole summer. But hobby grill masters can save energy and use the gas supply more efficiently in times of high prices.

In order to protect the flames, for example, the grill should be in a location that is as sheltered from the wind as possible. Because gusts or side winds drive the existing heat out of the grill – an energy guzzler because it extends the grilling time.

Also unfavorable: to simply give full throttle when preheating. Because if you only put vegetables, grilled cheese, chicken breast or sausages on the grill, 150 to 200 degrees is enough for an optimal grilling result. Steaks, on the other hand, need about 280 degrees to cook.

Proper handling of the cap can also increase the yield from the bottle. It works like a heat accumulator and should be opened as little as possible.

Finally, when burning out, with which the grill is cleaned with the hood also closed, coarse food residues should be removed in advance with a grill brush. According to the DVFG, this also saves energy. When there is no more smoke, the grill is clean and ready for use again.