Very few parents would be able to explain what their children do for a living. When Julia explains her job, her father can no longer contain his laughter. A video of this is viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Since Julia was getting more and more questions on TikTok about what she does for a living, she decided to record a video. The online community is enthusiastic about Julia’s answers.

Since she works for her father Steve’s structural steel company, he should help her explain what she actually does. This statement causes the father to laugh for the first time.

“I’ve had a great passion for structural steel since I was a little girl,” explains Julia ironically, and the father-daughter team promptly bursts into laughter.

“I love the design aspect of it,” Julia continues in her statement. Her father looks at her in disbelief – and bursts into laughter again. Julia can no longer suppress her laughter either.

Julia would create “a large number of drawings” on which the projects would then be implemented. And again the father-daughter duo bursts into laughter.

“What else do you do?” Steve asks his daughter. She would take on pretty much the same duties as her father, who is vice president and chief financial officer of the steel company. Even with this statement, the two of them can hardly contain themselves from laughing.

“When he goes on vacation, I definitely act like the vice president,” says Julia. Her specific job title is “Executive Office Manager”. She would take care of employee management and land new orders. More laughter.

The users on TikTok are enthusiastic about the humor of the two. “It seems Steve isn’t aware of what you do for the company. “He should give you a raise,” says one user.

Another user writes: “Steve is a legend.” In addition, several users are demanding that Steve open his own TikTok account.

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