Ostend (oostende) – Mayor Bart Tommelein has been infected with the corona virus Covid-19. He does not show any serious symptoms, but it will be on a doctor in isolation in his home with his family.

Mayor Bart Tommelein, had on Tuesday to go to the hospital for a scheduled examination. After a visit to a cardiologist Pedro Brugada in January, werdbeslist a coronary artery examination was necessary to correct any narrowing, or blockage of the coronary arteries to the track. The computed tomography (CT) scan showed that everything is in order, it is in the heart of the town’s mayor, however, the doctor noticed some spots on the lungs. Then they decided to put him to the test for the corona virus.

on Wednesday, got on Bart Tommelein to be told that the test was positive. He does not currently have severe symptoms of the virus, and you will feel good. Together with his family, he must now be a ten-day home isolation will continue. The mayor will remain for the time being, continue to work, but at home and without any physical contact with others.

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