Many Eintracht fans should slowly breathe a sigh of relief: According to Frankfurt manager Markus Krösche, a departure from midfield star Filip Kostic should be almost off the table.

“Great” chances of Kostic staying: Eintracht Frankfurt’s sports director Markus Krösche raises hopes that midfield star Filip Kostic will stay in a conversation with “Sky”. So the chances are “great” that the 29-year-old will not leave the club. The club manager also emphasizes: “We want to have a good season next year too, and Filip is very important for that.”

Short, compact, clear

Kostic satisfied too? According to Krösche, Kostic feels “at ease” with Eintracht and has “fun”. In addition, the Serbian international knows what he has in the club. After all, this has “greatly contributed to the success” of the team over the years.

Coach Glasner full of euphoria: In addition to Krösche, coach Oliver Glasner is also optimistic. So he assumes that Kostic will be his player for a long time. Most recently, a transfer to Juventus Turin was considered almost fixed, but the Italians’ interest seems to have leveled off.