Shock in the supermarket! The cheapest milk in the German retail trade costs more than one euro for the first time. The food is one of the best-selling products at Aldi, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka and other retailers. FOCUS Online uses a graphic to show how much the price has increased.

The milk price in Germany has been on the move since Friday and has now reached a historic high in the supermarket.

The discounter giants Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd increased the price for long-life whole milk, low-fat UHT milk, organic milk and willow milk. Only a few hours after the price adjustment, Norma, Netto Marken-Discount, Lidl, Rewe, Edeka, Hit and Real also followed with strong price increases.

Consumers now pay a lot of money for a liter of milk. Only low-fat UHT milk with 1.5 percent fat now costs less than 1 euro in German supermarkets. All other packs of cow’s milk are now over one euro.

The following graphic shows how the milk price has developed since December 2021. Within the past seven months, the price of whole milk has increased by a whopping 29 cents per liter. Low-fat UHT milk went up by 27 cents.

Long-life whole milk (3.5 percent fat) now costs 1.09 euros (instead of 92 cents).

Low-fat UHT milk (1.5 percent fat) now costs 99 cents (instead of 84 cents).

The price for a liter of long-life, low-fat organic milk with 1.5 percent fat rose by a strong 54 cents to 1.59 euros.

Long-life organic whole milk costs from 1.69 euros per liter.

The price adjustment for the lactose-free milk variants was also severe. Customers now pay 1.29 euros (instead of 88 cents) for the lactose-free milk.

Customers have to dig deeper into their pockets for branded products.

The current price development for cow’s milk makes for something special. For the first time, oat and almond milk is cheaper than whole milk (as of July 4th). In the case of private labels, the price per liter for the cow’s milk alternatives is 99 cents.

Visit dairy farmers in your area. Fresh milk straight from the farm is currently cheaper than long-life whole milk at Aldi and Lidl.

Do you live in a big city: look out for special offers! Rewe and Lidl branches currently sell branded products for less than one euro per liter.

Pay attention to the sell-by date and buy long-life whole milk or low-fat UHT milk in stock in such a case. As a guide, you can use the 12-pack of whole milk (3.5 percent fat). At Aldi Nord you now pay 13.09 euros for this. In December 2021, the price was still 9.60 euros.

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