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– I know a sorrow when we not get to experience it in years, ” says Magni Ingunn Vereide Hook.

She and her husband had the joy to the house at Sandane in Gloppen would fill up with children and grandchildren this easter. With påskelam on the menu should they invite to the family business with 32 people to the table.

her Husband Jacob Leiv Hook had the plan ready for the three grandchildren that were to come for a visit from Jæren. In a basket is the combined both the purple, yellow and green easter eggs, as small barnehender should be looking for in the garden.

– Next year it will be two eggs on each, bless her.

FAMILIEPÅSKE: Magni Ingunn Vereide Hook and Jacob Leiv Hook get not gather the whole family this easter.


this Year’s easter will not be the way they had trudd, for several ordførarar is clear in the speech when it comes to the easter holidays. They ask påskegjestane to carry out at home. One of them is the Gloppen-appointed interim mayor Leidulf Gloppestad.

– parents of young Children at home on easter vacation is fun, but we need to think about. Everything is not like before, ” he says.

– came Not

Many people ask themselves the question whether they can travel home to their family, or have kept themselves where they are.

Kystkommunen is hometown get a lot of visitors in the feriane, but the mayor t. søviknes has a klinkande a clear message to all påskegjestane.

came Not. All are warm welcome when koronaviruset is over, the victory is hometown-appointed interim mayor Anne Kristin Brought.

Further south in the Vestland county is The municipality, who would not want themselves påskegjestar.

the Prime minister has in many respects cancelled the easter holidays for those who want to travel to other municipalities. People have to vacation to where they are, ” says The-appointed interim mayor Roald Aga Haug.

EASTER: The-appointed interim mayor Roald Aga Haug will that påskegjestane vacationing where they already are.

Photo: Speech Hauso / NRK

He gets the support from the Depart-appointed interim mayor Roy Stadheim.

– We can not deny anything, but people should be on the dugnaden to carry out at home.

Should avoid travel

Advice from the Norwegian institute of public health is to restrict all travel for some time to come, and each individual must assess themselves whether the journey is necessary.

– Think about whether you are going on a visit to the elderly or at-risk groups. You may have been subject to infection on the road, or another place? Have you luftvegssymptom, so you should keep you inside, ” says Frode Forland at the Norwegian institute of public health (FHI).

But if you decide you travel, it is important to take all the forholdsreglar.

– always Keep distance to family and friends, both inside and out, avoid large groups, and travel the least possible with collective transport, encourages him.

Back on the Sand being easter rolegare than what the family Hook had trudd. The couple understand and support the rule to keep the out at home, but seems, nevertheless, that it hurts.

We had joy very. It’s exciting for the grandparents to get gullungane home, ” says Jacob Leiv Hook.

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