On weekends, the staff of the Moscow library tell about the books that can make family night even better. Olga Khrustaleva, who works in the library No. 258, advises to introduce kids to the works of Vladimir Suteev and adolescents — with the “Walking castle” by Diana Wynne Jones.

“Tales and pictures” Vladimir Suteev

the youngest readers want to recommend tales of the artist and writer Vladimir Suteev of good, friendship and mutual assistance. They are not very long, so do not tire. They are interested in hearing kids like. A beautiful fairy tale, “Who said “meow”?” happy to remember and the parents. The book Suteev can, if desired, teach children preschool home educational classes.

what is interesting to look at bright pictures! The characters come to life on paper — they are expressive, full of life and movement. Young readers is very important not only auditory, but also visual perception. Suteev — known Illustrator. He designed the books by Kornei Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak, Sergei Mikhalkov, was created the illustrations for “the Adventures of Chipollino”.

“the Fox in the library,” Lorenz Pauli

Our young readers and their parents, I definitely recommend reading the book Lorenz Pauli “the Fox in the library.” The name itself attracts attention. The tale is very funny: the Fox during a chase after the mouse got to the library, and then everything began to turn… And then read it yourself!

Cheerful, kind and unusual story for the kiddies. They will understand why it is so important to be able to read. And the funny illustrations will not leave anyone indifferent. Made them myself Lorenz Pauli, a Swiss writer, laureate of the European literary awards.

“Grandma in the Apple tree” World LOBA

This is a touching and amazing story about a boy Andy. He lives with his parents, he has many friends, but he feels lonely because he has no grandmother. He looks at his friends: they have a grandmother there, and he was very sad. And then Andi comes up with it himself.

This book will recall many parents — Austrian writer Mira lobe became famous in the USSR because of it. And the book “tootie in the jungle” has brought her the Austrian award, which is awarded for the best children’s book.

“Grandma in the Apple tree” will read very quickly and with great pleasure. The book is marvelous: it is interesting not only to read but also to consider a vivid illustration.

“I swear” by Leonid Panteleyev

“Honestly” is a collection of short stories by Soviet writer Leonid Panteleev. This is a pseudonym: the author’s name Alexei Eremeev, but in the orphanage where he was raised, he was called Lenka Panteleev, on behalf of the famous raider. Proswe��e caught.

all the stories in this collection are good, but I especially want to highlight which gave him the title of “Honestly” — on the courage and honesty of a little boy who in the game gave the floor to hold the post. All long gone and forgotten about him, and the boy of his word is not violated. In 1978 at the Studio “Ekran” even made it on the basis of puppet animation. The text read Oleg Efremov.

This book is ideal not only for reading with the whole family, but also for discussion. Adults talk to kids about perseverance, courage and about the need to always fulfill the promises.

“moving castle” Diana Wynne Jones

Fantasy and adventure — this is a favorite topic of teenagers. Bestseller “howl’s moving castle” by British writer Diana Wynne Jones fully comply with these requests. With the main character, readers will plunge into the midst of stirring events, and incredible mystery, kidnapping, transformations and mysterious creatures. Why is he moving castle, similar to an improved version of a hut on chicken legs — around him so much of gossip and gossip!

In our library for “the Walking lock” the queue, this is a very popular novel. Perhaps due to the excellent film adaptation, made in 2004 by Hayao Miyazaki. His “howl’s moving castle” in 2006, was nominated for “Oscar”.

“Asino summer” Tamara Mikheeva

continuing the theme of fiction I recommend reading the book Tamara Mikheeva “Asino summer”. Here is about the difficult relationships in the team and the opportunity to make new friends. This is a very instructive story with good characters.

Ordinary girl Asya goes to summer camp. It would seem that the strange could happen to her? But there she meets the dwarves learns of the existence of the living water and the Lightning man who knows how to fulfill desires. And she meets a boy Kolya — and he desperately needs her help. Barely starting to read this book, you will not be able to stop.

This fairy tale made famous by the writer Tamara Miheeva — in 2007, she received the award for children’s literature “Cherished dream”. Today she is a member of the jury of the International children’s literary award named after V. P. Krapivin.