family Of Deschwanden has rescued horses, donkeys, mini pigs, and goats in front of the butcher. Until you suddenly needed help: Because you terminated the lease for the farm in Hofstatt, LU shortly before Christmas in 2018, were their feast days is a rather sad state of Affairs.

According to the oral announcement before Christmas, the written notice arrived in January at the private sanctuary. In April 2019, they would have had to all take off. “According to the report in the VIEWS, we were lucky enough to find a lawyer who stood up for our interests,” says Saskia Von Deschwanden (29). This obtained for the family of a tenant extension. Now the parents have to leave, the two girls and all their animals until April 2020 the yard.

A year, little time is

Nevertheless, the Situation puts a strain on the family Of Deschwanden. “We have now searched four months of intensive a new farm to Rent, but found nothing. I think a year is just to find something Suitable.”

The lawyer wanted to buy the farm in Hofstatt first, and then the family’s rent – but according to the VIEW information failed the operation on the purchase price. “We had placed great hope in the purchase,” says Sascha Von Deschwanden (37). The greater the disappointment.

donation account set up

After all: A family from the Zurich wine country had established great sympathy with the family and grace of animals, which is why you have a donation account. The nurse: “Perhaps you have the money Yes, in order to buy something, or at least the security Deposit without any problems to pay for help. And otherwise, the donation should benefit the animals.”

The donations account at the Raiffeisenbank wine country, account for donations sanctuary Hofstatt, a family of Deschwanden.

IBAN: CH51 8080 8005 2425 2229 6