the Federal officials who, by the coronacrisis less work for you, may temporarily be seconded to the services that are urgently in need of staff. The federal government has in this respect over the weekend by a Royal Decree of the deputy prime minister and minister for the Civil service David Clarinval MR) was adopted.

The coronapandemie it also has a big impact on the public. While some of the administration, the more pressure there is on other services, have a lighter workload due to the coronamaatregelen.

the Minister for the Civil service David Clarinval make it through a Royal Decree may be temporarily easier to move civil servants. So will officers who have less, or no, work can temporarily be seconded to the departments that are in need of additional staff.

“In the place of the urgent and temporary members of staff to recruit, or the need to rely on temporary employees, I want to be as far as possible to rely on the good will of the officials,” explained the minister Clarinval out.

“Some people just want to be with their peers in the other services to be able to help those who are temporarily overwhelmed with the extra work. A few days ago, this was the case with the HVW (Auxiliary fund for Unemployment benefits), which is a significant increase in the number of requests for access to temporary unemployment and the need to deal with them. Almost immediately, we were able to count on the support of around 100 civil servants from different departments who, as a volunteer, have volunteered,” said Clarinval.

Medical staff

by the same logic, it is the medical staff of the government departments, if necessary, will be made available to both the public and private health care institutions.

finally, The Royal Decree regulates a number of matters relating to commuting to and from work and working hours of federal civil servants. For example, the overtime, which, in the context of the health crisis have been made over an extended period of four months (instead of 14 days), which can be recycled. When a person, due to his role not telecommuting, they may also be more transient, tasks assigned to those who are interested in a home that can be used.

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