Sandler is well-known for pairing large shirts with UGGs and basketball shorts.

Adam Sandler’s signature style has placed him at the No. Google’s2021 top “celebrity attires” list has Sandler at No.

Sandler, 55 years old, beat Harry Styles and Britney Sparrow . According to , Google’s year in Search report 2021 shows that Sandler’s famous outfits were what people searched for most.

Sandler’s favorite look, which he is well-known for, includes basketball shorts and oversized teshirts, as well as a variety of shoes including UGGs.

His outfits have been viral on social media and he has even his own hashtag on TikTok. To show similar outfits to the actor, users created the hashtag @Sandlercore.

The hashtag is currently showing almost 300,000.

According to social media, schools are using Sandler’s style for inspiration during the school week or day.

“Adam Sandler Day tomorrow at school so we all have the same dress hahah,” recently tweeted a social media user.

Sandler’s style doesn’t seem new. The same style has been worn by Sandler since at least 2019. He was wearing a green sweatshirt and basketball shorts for a profile in the New York Times Style Magazine. Later, he was seen in the same outfit at a coffee place.

“The other week, i saw Adam Sandler in the coffee shop wearing the exact same clothes, which I guess means that he just came from the photo shoot but it also seems plausible to me that he literally never wears any other clothing,” Miles Klee posted on Twitter.

Google’s list also included Styles, Sandler, and Spears. Other Hollywood stars who were on the Google’s search results page were Cher, Doja Cat and Lizzo, as well as late stars Aaliyah, Selena Quintanilla.