Google will release its own processor

Google intends to produce smartphones and laptops running on its own processors. It is reported familiar with the situation in the company source Axios.

A future chip could be released in 2021. According to insiders, this move will allow us corporations to better compete with Apple, which supplies the smartphones with their own chips. Along with this, Google will refuse products of Qualcomm, that uses in their current devices.

According to the source, the future processor has been code-named Whitechapel and will be developed together with Samsung on a 5-nanometer process technology. According to the forecast, the processors will be used in smartphones Pixel in 2021, in the future they will be equipped with laptops Chromebook. Journalists noticed that talking about the imminent and complete failure of Google from the manufacturers of the processors is premature, as the company may encounter difficulties in developing components.

It is reported that Google is not the first year is interested in the development of processors for their equipment. In particular, the company hires ex-employees of Apple and Intel. In addition, the smartphones of American corporations have already used the chip to process data and machine learning, e.g. Neural Core Pixel and Pixel Visual Core.