It seems that this will not happen in September

A few years earlier, the American company Google announced its new flagship smartphones-Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. During the event, the manufacturer kept the release date of the new products a secret, saying that it would happen in the fall.

After that, rumors began to circulate in the network that the launch of smartphones would take place on September 13 — just a day before the announcement of a new line of Apple smartphones. According to a trusted insider, John Prosser, the launch of Google Pixel 6 in September is not worth waiting for. So, according to him, they should enter the market on October 28. He also noted that the pre-order for both devices will be available on October 19.

At the moment, the date of the event, at which the company will tell in detail details about its new line of smartphones, as well as name the cost of the devices, is not disclosed.