MOSCOW, June 22. /TASS/. Mask mode the Russians will have to comply with including in the fall to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, but also to avoid Contracting seasonal colds. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Tatyana Golikova in an interview to the program “Posner” on channel one on Monday.

she said, “the virus is not going anywhere,” but “he may not be active,” however, the fall in Russia also begins the season of colds, including the flu and pneumonia.

“We have once to change my life and to comply with security measures, she said. — To wear masks, use sanitizers and all that now has become commonplace in our lives.”

Golikova added that Russia is at the moment solved the problem of the lack of personal protective equipment. Initially PPE is not enough, because the country was not prepared for the scale of the pandemic, she said.

“of Course, at the beginning of the epidemic the problem with PPE was. No country in the world, and ours is no exception, were not ready for such a large-scale pandemic infection, which we observed and observed, and I think we will something time to watch Today, this is no problem”, she said.

Golikova stressed that the industry very quickly regrouped and quickly began to produce personal protective equipment. However, she noted that the shortage was covered with the assistance of Chinese colleagues.

Earlier, the Ministry of industry and trade reported that the production of medical masks in July in Russia will increase by almost 70% and reach 11 million units per day compared to manufactured now 6.5 million units.

Also was satisfied with the demand for protective clothing. In Russia, they produce about 50 companies. Before the start of the pandemic in Russia daily production of about 40 thousand liters of antiseptics, is now the Russian enterprises produce 380 thousand liters per day.