Golikova has reported on the work on a vaccine against coronavirus

the Development of a vaccine against the coronavirus is active in 5 areas and 13 options. I told about it Vice-the Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova at a meeting of the President with government members.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin called the source of panic for coronavirus

At the research center “Vector” in Novosibirsk region are working on a vaccine against the new coronavirus infection. “We are trying as quickly as possible to accelerate the development of these drugs”, – assured the Deputy Prime Minister.

“In recent years, social networking sites, you receive the fake message about a large number of cases in Russia and that the authorities are hiding this information. I want to report once again that this is not true,” – said Golikova.

Operational headquarters, all the organs responsible for the situation, the regions are strict in the prevention of virus penetration into the territory of our country.