Central Bank of Venezuela has filed a lawsuit against the Bank of England to immediately give stored his bars from Venezuelan gold reserves in the amount of $ 1 billion. Venezuelan authorities say they want to spend these funds for the fight against coronavirus.

14 may, the Central Bank of Venezuela has sent a suit in the London commercial court, demanding the UN bullion that the Bank of England keeps along with gold reserves of several other developing countries.

But the UK — as well as the United States and many other Western countries — does not recognize the legitimacy of the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Therefore, the Bank of England, which holds 31 tons of Venezuelan gold in 2018 refuses to give bars to the Venezuelan authorities.

a Few weeks ago, Venezuela asked the United Nations development Programme with a request to mediate and to take gold from the Bank of England to the proceeds could be channelled into the purchase of medical equipment, medicines and food.

the suit said gold need to be sent “urgently”. “The question is about people’s lives, so now is not the time to try to earn political points,” said London lawyer Sarosh Zaiwalla that represent Central Bank of Venezuela.

In response to the request bi-Bi-si to comment on the situation, the world food programme, the UN only confirmed that Bank of Venezuela turned to her with a request to examine the possibility of implementing this scheme.

As Reuters reported, the Bank of England refused to comment on the lawsuit Venezuelan authorities.

Western countries, including Britain and the United States support of the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan of Guido, who last year declared himself acting President. Against Venezuela is also subject to international economic sanctions, including the USA banned its companies to buy oil from Venezuelan state company PDVSA.

In 2019, Venezuela faced a record inflation rate of 800 percent, the country has left 4.8 million people.

the Authorities say that the cause of all problems — sanctions, but Western countries believe that the collapse of the economy blame the Maduro regime, which is extremely inefficient, and governs the country is riddled with corruption. In March the US government announced that Maduro guilty in drug smuggling, and offered 15 million dollars for information that will help to arrest him.

Now all problems have been met with a coronavirus, although it is, according to official data, cases and deaths in Venezuela little is recorded about 750 cases COVID-19 and 10 deaths. However, local doctors are warning that if the infection begins to spread, and so a weak system commonohranenija will not sustain the load.

Since March, the country declared a state of emergency and quarantine restrictions are entered.

Russia — as well as China and Cuba, recognizes Maduro as the legitimate President of Venzuela. In September last year, Maduro visited Moscow and met with Vladimir Putin.