Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Marc-andré Ter Stegen
Photo: Clément Bucco-Lechat / commons.wikimedia.org

the 27-year-old goalkeeper of Spanish club Barcelona and the German national team Marc-Andre Ter Stegen has admitted that it is not so much versed in football as they think the surrounding.

the Player “Chelsea” and Spain doesn’t know that the home of football is England

“People smile when I tell them that I know enough about football. I don’t watch a lot of games when they have a very good encounter or a friend involved in the match, and I’m curious. I am often asked about some football player, and I have no idea who that is.

it is Often better remember how to move around the field a particular player strikes on goal than his name. I like to talk with my wife about architecture,” said Ter Stegen El País.

“Se ríen cuando digo que no tengo ni idea de fûtbol. No veo mucho fûtbol, salvo cuando juega algûn amigo. A veces me preguntan por el nombre de un jugador y no tengo ni idea”. El portero alemán del Barcelona habla por Skype durante el confinamiento https://t.co/wfRrtCkd4D

— EL PAÍS (@el_pais) March 28, 2020

this season, the German goalkeeper took part in 34 games for Barcelona in all competitions. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen missed 34 goals, leaving in 11 matches clean sheet.