Five finalists fought on Thursday evening for the title “Germany’s next top model” 2022. At the end of the 17th season, 18-year-old Lou-Anne from Vienna won the title. The TV spectacle was accompanied by plenty of criticism from former candidates and YouTuber Rezo.

After some ex-GNTM participants made serious allegations against the show, YouTuber Rezo has now published a video in which he criticizes the concept of the show and Heidi Klum personally. “It’s about drastic manipulation, lies up to the allegation of abuse,” the 29-year-old introduces his thirty-minute clip. “I can’t get my head around that this shit show hasn’t been canceled yet.” Heidi Klum he calls “human ugly”.

In his video, Rezo not only addresses body shaming and the alleged cover-up of injuries, but above all the sexualization of minors. He fades in scenes from nude shoots from previous seasons. The participants who are still under 18 emphasize that they do not want to undress. “Heidi, (…) you keep building up the pressure until at some point she’s resigned and broken. And then she lets it go and you can use her body the way you want it.” According to Rezo, such nude shoots are not normal in the model business. You can remove a pair of underpants in about five minutes via Photoshop.

The YouTuber also shows excerpts from the show that show shootings with male models. About a male model who just posed for photos with two minors, Heidi says: “The funniest thing I found was Dusty, who somehow always had a problem with his pants or what was in the pants. I don’t know either, he kept fiddling with his pants.”

In another scene that Rezo fades in, the then 16-year-old Nathalie Volk is told during a shoot that she should “pay more attention to seduction” because she is “not the woman for life, but the woman for the night”. Continuing his video, Rezo also says the production would “consciously and actively inflict emotional pain on people so that they can then monetize their tears.”

Heidi Klum herself commented on the criticism of the show in the big live finale yesterday. She was unimpressed and announced: “Dear critics, I have to disappoint you. We will continue in the same way.”

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