A large-scale failure in the work of social networks and messengers has spread to VKontakte and Telegram.

Instagram Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram started having problems, and by 21.00 the number of complaints continues to increase, as follows from the data of the Downdetector portal, users began to report failures in the work of VKontakte at 18.30 – at the same time when problems began with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Users report problems with both the application (43%) and the social network website.

The Telegram messenger is running slower than usual, but “it’s holding up for now,” the project support said.

The messenger staff warned about the possibility of slow loading of heavy content, poor sound and video quality during calls and difficulty in uploading comments to publications in channels.

Facebook Instagram, WhatsApp and Instagram had previously failed. Later, TikTok also had problems. Users cannot log in to applications, send and receive messages.