you sang for the President and for James Bond, and soon you will occur in Switzerland: world star Gladys Knight (75) is the telephone-Interview with LOOK in the best of spirits, over and over again, her throaty Laugh sounded. Even if you are told of the terrible moments of her life.

Gladys Knight Quite wonderful. I love to give concerts here. People are different in each country, but everywhere is full of energy.

And how! I’ll be in nice Hotels, it is allowed to get dressed every evening for pretty, in front of people my songs to sing and celebrate to let. Which Lady would not like such a life? In my early days this was quite different.

at the Time, we travelled in a rickety Bus through the country. The driver celebrated with us half the night. Then it was on to the next town. Sky, we landed a few times in the ditch.

The camaraderie. There was zero competition between us artists. We were stuck in the same boat – I, Dionne Warwick, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson. We knew that we were part of the same game, and supported us. We black singers earned lot of money back then, we were ripped off. But we loved our Job.

Oh, Yes. I was four when I started in the Church choir. My parents have encouraged me, without pushing me. In 1952, I appeared for the first time on TV since I was seven and was known over night. Shortly thereafter, I formed a Band and began to give concerts.

Right. I have witnessed that we were not allowed to sit on the same chairs as White. We were in holes that had a wardrobe, so we moved to the us in the car. Mirror, we had no, we are shards used to make up to us. Sometimes we were chased out of town. The conditions were bad, but that time strengthened my character.

I very soon learned to stretch the nose better, too far in the sky. Racial segregation is still not a long time. Nevertheless, we approach society back in that time. From above we demonstrated that certain people are better than others.

Exactly. Everything he does is sow discord. I know him from before, I’m often occurred in his Casinos. He was never a nice guy. I was really shocked when he was elected three years ago to the highest office.

Oh, Yes. I performed for Bill Clinton in the White house, and later I sang for Obama. My parents were civil rights activists, they were close friends with Martin Luther King. I grew up in order to put me to the military and for our rights to stand up. So I have educated the children of their own. I taught you to never feel better than others.

a couple of great grandchildren! In the case of us is always operating. I play with them, cook for them. I don’t want to brag, but in the kitchen nobody can fool me. The Little ones keep me young.

not at All. I recently spoke with Jane Fonda – a close friend – about it. She works constantly with young people, which would keep it active, she said. For me, it is just the same. The grandson, my musicians that I am surrounded by young people! And, in turn, are glad to see that you have a vintage car as I am with the Council, to the side (laughs).

I think not face it shorter. I trust in the love of God. He will let me know when it is time for me.

I was long addicted to gambling. I love Gambling and am usually very good at it.

I had at that time a man, two children in College. I had to look after my sick mother. As I said, earlier not so much money came in. So I started to play in the Casinos is baccarat. As long as you win, it is quit difficult. With the gained money I brought my children through College. Today my daughter directs the school of the state of Nevada. We tear still jokes about it that you never would have made it so far, if I had not with the exception of the Casinos.

Eventually, all luck streak to end. One Night I was playful about 60’000 dollars. They were simply gone. I would have to pass on the loved one. Since I knew that I must stop now urgent. I left the Casino and called immediately looking for help. The took me right in. Since then, I always say: If you need help – no matter what – go get it for you. Don’t wait until you’re lying on the ground.

smoke, I have for a long time. That was stupid. One Evening I stood on the stage and suddenly had trouble with the high notes. I wormed my way through to the end of the concert. On the drive home, I threw all the cigarettes out of the car. The wars! When I stopped with the Smoking, I started eating, unfortunately.

you can say That. I weighed nearly 150 pounds. One day, I could no longer stand my own sight. I hired a Fitness Trainer, way kicked me to the pounds seven days a week. This lasted for months. But hey: To live means to learn. I needed a hell of a lot of lessons in my life.

With hot tea and honey. I drink before every concert a couple of cups. Some people think that a glass of wine was also good. But I’ve always left the Finger. The gambling addiction was enough for me, I don’t want to be an alcoholic yet.

her biggest Hit, “Midnight Train to Georgia” is considered to be one of the most beautiful Soul classics of all time: Gladys Knight 1944 in the U.S. state of Georgia to the world. Already with seven she had her first appearance. In 1989 she sang the theme song of the Bond film “Licence To Kill”, in 1996, she opened the Olympic games in Atlanta, a few months ago, she performed in front of a hundred million audience of the Super Bowl. Knight has been married four times and has three children. On Monday, 15. July, she will sing in the Theater 11 in Zurich their most beautiful songs.