The Corona-crisis has many faces, some of them are questionable. For example, a poster of the climate activists of the Extinction of the Rebellion, to read on the stand, we the people were “the disease” and the Coronavirus “the cure”. Even if the poster is a fake, as some claim, fit the message to many of the world eater groups of the story.

esoteric, nature, romantic, sects: their Commonality is always that they want to heal the world by cleaning the humanity. Clean of false Beliefs and living habits. Quality breeds clean of mind, as in fascism. Clean of evil capitalists, like communism. Cleaning of unjust liberties, such as at a socialism. Clean of the evil state power, as in the case of the anarchists.

The purified human

At its core, it’s about people enemies, who are not able to love the man as he is. The real existing people in the “the Lust of the animal and the Lust of the angel’s lives, both at the same time,” the thinker Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274). Many do-gooders just love a perfect idea. The strong breed pure man. The just, class-less person. The healthy, climate-neutral person. The rational, enlightened human being. The self-dissolved, from the filth of the world, purified person.

it is Always about a desire image. And as soon as shows that we are not in truth so strong, healthy, reasonable, and in a climate-neutral, the desire image in contempt. Contempt for the stupid, misguided humanity, without which our Planet would be better off.


is required In times of Corona, it is all the more important to fight back against such pessimism. It is better that you are practicing love of neighbor, even when this is difficult. Today, you can find faster a convinced a friend of nature as a convinced friend. More love can’t hurt us so. Nature is too little. Or like recently, a Journalist of this newspaper on Twitter wrote: “There were always great friends of nature, which are, in truth, people enemies. One of them ate his life-long vegetarian, subordinated his policy to a supposed natural order, and could be very affectionate. To his shepherd.”

Giuseppe Gracia (52) is a writer and media relations officer of the diocese of Chur. He is married and the father of two children. In his VIEW column, which appears usually every second Monday, expressed he is personal views.