International football, Olivier Giroud has a touch response to the derogatory comments of This Piece over the weekend. The striker’s Real Madrid and was then declared to be “a Formula 1 car does not have to be able to compare it to a kartingwagen”.

“A kartingwagen? Maybe, but kartingwagen who is a world champion’, and use replication to the attacker’s home via social media.Official site organized on a Sunday, a round on the Instagram. The question is whether Giroud’s just a deep midfielder from France, said his opinion – which, after a scandal involving a leaked sekstape for years, is no longer called that “you’re a Formula 1 racing will not be with each other that can compare. After that, the team-mate Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois out, stated that he knew that he was a Formula 1 level.