Girlfriend broke million jackpot thanks to a bad memory

Former colleagues from Canberra, Australia, broke the lottery million jackpot thanks to confusion and bad memory. About it reported in a press release posted on the website Oz Lotto.

Two bosom friend alternately buy lottery tickets every week for the past 20 years. Wednesday, April 22, one of the friends admitted that got confused in the schedule and participated in the drawing of the Oz Lotto out of turn. “This week, the ticket had to buy my girlfriend. I mistakenly bought it, thinking that it was my turn. I’m so glad I was mistaken”, — said the lover of gambling. Due to bad memory she had won 1.4 million Australian dollars (66,8 million).

Winner said that the cash prize she will share with her friend. According to tradition, the friends will retain all won money for a year until December, and then served them on the Christmas table, and the remaining amount spent on shopping. “But this year we will celebrate Christmas very special! How we spend the money that we have, I do not imagine. I dreamed of this happy day, and here he came. Now I don’t know how I would use this prize”, she added.

Lucky Australian told members of the Oz Lotto, it is not shared with a friend the good news. “I can’t wait the moment when will be able to tell her everything. She will be in seventh heaven! With that money we can fully enjoy our retirement. We will surely share the prize with our families! This is incredible. I’m going right now to call her!” — has told it about their plans.

Earlier it was reported that confusion helped the buddies from South Australia to double lottery win. Two colleagues for many years played the lottery. They usually buy lottery tickets at a time, but before the last draw was tangled in the chart. As a result, tickets with the same numbers bought both.