Hamburg – Clean instead of booze!

The Hamburg-based spirits manufacturer “Gin Sul” changes the industry has switched to using a Hamburg pharmacy the production on hand sanitizer.

“for us, This is a citizen’s duty now to step in. We want to contribute a small portion to close the supply gap with a disinfectant,” said Stephan Garbe, managing Director of the “Gin Sul”.

liquor is their business, but now just for health instead of for the pleasure photo: Christian Charisius / dpa

1000 liters will bring the sheaf together with a pharmacist Holger Gnekow on Wednesday in the trade. The pharmacist got hydrogen peroxide and Glycerol, which is required in addition to the Ethanol for the production of disinfectants.

in addition, he controlled the mixing process and helped with the bottling. In his pharmacy in Wandsbek Gnekow wants to sell the nearly 3000 bottles in offices, homes and care services.