Scot went to Portugal for a stag do. He came back with special news: He bought a café for his wife. 

Scot Griffiths attended a friend’s stag do in Portugal. It’s said to have been a crazy weekend with a lot of beer. But it wasn’t just drinking – Scot spontaneously bought an entire café. This is reported by the “Mirror”. 

According to the 42-year-old, everything happened very quickly. “We were having a break by the pool and I was scrolling through Facebook when this advert for a café near me suddenly appeared,” the man from Great Britain told the Mirror. His friend also thought he should do it. The seller was also a friend of his cousin.

Scot, the owner of a window construction company, spent over 20,000 pounds (around 23,500 euros) on the store in England. The 42-year-old knew that his wife had always wanted a café. On the fifth anniversary, she received the property deed as a gift from her husband. Since then, Lia has owned the store in Wednesfield, England. 

As the Mirror reports, Lia was very surprised by her gift. Now she has also expressed a new wish: “I’m telling him now that it’s always been my dream to own a Range Rover and I’m excited to see what he gets me for our next anniversary.”

Another man also gave his wife a very special gift. A groom in the Philippines gave his bride the equivalent of around 16,200 euros. However, he didn’t just hand over the money to her. Instead, he rolled it out like a carpet. But that wasn’t all. Finally, he even placed the carpet of money around her shoulders, as can be seen in a video. 

The story of TikToker Dani Apples, who lives in the USA, is also crazy. Her boyfriend gave her a necklace – and the piece of jewelry contains her boyfriend’s blood. “Every gothic girlfriend’s dream,” she said in a video. 

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