Ghost town: look how empty new York in quarantine (video)

new York is now considered the most disadvantaged region of the United States from the point of view of the outbreak of coronavirus: it has almost half of all cases of the disease in the country. As the largest metropolis States just looks scary.

the Authors YouTube channel ShiftingLanes swept through the streets of a deserted new York for the Hyundai Veloster N and made a video eerily reminiscent of footage from some post-apocalyptic film. Anyone ever been to new York knows the Central streets of the city regardless of time of day and are overcrowded by locals and tourists, and cars.

the Policy of isolation and quarantine, meanwhile, has led to the fact that to meet in the city, though a single living soul, you should try. The authors of the story called the Empty City (“city”) swept through the main iconic sights of new York, and everywhere noted the sense of abandonment and desolation. Even in times square, where there is usually a crowd of people, they noticed a few pedestrians as well as police cars, taxis and the press. All the shops are closed, but the huge advertising screens continue to show the products the empty streets.

Other places that was visited by the crew – this area of the world trade center, the Columbus circle in Manhattan, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum and the Lincoln Tunnel, connecting new York and new Jersey. And everywhere the picture is roughly the same.

currently, in the state of new York was 21 689 cases of coronavirus, of which 13 119 in the city of new York.

Text: Avtovesti