Reigning world and Olympic champion figure skater Alina Zagitova tried a new sport on Sunday as she had a golf training session under the guidance of Russian national coach Igor Ivashin.

The 18-year-old was attending the golfing festival ‘Strong figures’ in Tver Region, where she had an opportunity to test her swing and strike some golf balls, which is something she seemed to enjoy.

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I’m so happy to discover a new sport for me. Zavidovo is a beautiful place with amazing nature. I’m grateful to the organizers of ‘Strong Figures’ for inviting me,” Zagitova said.

Last year, the figure skater put her competitive career on hold after finishing last in the ISU Grand Prix final, prompting rumors about her possible retirement.

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The skater has promised to return to the ice in the near future, but has yet to confirm her return to professional sport.

She resumed training after the Covid-19 crisis, revealing that she is working on new programs, reigniting rumors that she might return to competitive action as early as this coming autumn.

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