it Seems that the authors based their forecast on the first edition of the law about the opening of the land market, is really written under the dictation of the IMF (market access non-residents, up to 200 thousand hectares in one hand. – “RG”), and hence the anticipation of the global auction. However, on March 31 the Verkhovna Rada passed another law, which the IMF diplomatically praised as “the first step towards the creation of a transparent land market”, with Kiev’s obligations in the future to finalize the document.

But that law, which was signed by President Zelensky, the right to purchase and sale of land – an area of not more than 100 hectares – from July 1, 2021 are exclusively natural persons, citizens of Ukraine. Only in 2024, at the second stage of land reform, the area of traded plots increased to 10 hectares is the approximate area of the semi-million city, the limited sale of public land (about 10 million hectares, a quarter of all agricultural land of Ukraine), and the market allowed legal entities-residents of Ukraine. With regard to the fundamental rights of foreigners (except Russians. – “RG”) to own Ukrainian land, on this occasion until 2024 should be a referendum, the approximate date of which today is not known.

in Other words, enthusiasm DWN premature and largely unfounded. The law is written so that to buy land shares from owners – and it is about 7 million people – and accumulate them attractive lots, will be Ukrainian agrobotany and banks, and through them to the Ukrainian land in the future can theoretically come foreigners. But by that time the price per hectare the Ukrainian intermediaries will grow considerably, and it will not be like on sale.

in addition, thinking about China, is not dominant in Ukraine, DWN forget the Arab countries. They are the main importers of Ukrainian grain, the less demonstratively, but also for a long time and systemically. Now the Gulf countries are called Ukrainian experts one of the main shadow players of the local agricultural market. Undoubtedly the publication DWN only that the fate of the Ukrainian lands depend on the outcome of the conflict in the Donbass, and, more generally, from the fact, whether the Ukrainian state by 2024 in its current form. Given the centrifugal tendencies and the crime situation in rural areas, it may be so that in 2024 on ownership of land and start sowing the Europeans will have to negotiate with the inhabitants of the cozy Kiev offices, and with warlords and chieftains actually control a specific piece of earth.