He was afraid, “that up to a quarter of all students in the past weeks by those who had other conditions, has been suspended,” said President of the Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger, the newspaper “the world”.

This group should have received, according to Meidinger “no or only very limited schooling”. The scissors had gone in the last few weeks”, without a doubt, further apart”. It is about children with bad knowledge of German, from difficult social backgrounds, and without sufficient technical equipment, explained that the teacher Association’s President.

Three million students from residue

The formation of residue for these around three million girls and boys weighing increasingly difficult for affected continued the longer the Homeschooling, warned Meidinger. To this group one should focus on. “It is one of the most urgent tasks of the education-to-prevent policy, that school closures lead to that we get a whole Generation whose school career is permanently at risk,” he said.

One possibility would be to treat this group with the Opening of schools as a priority. “So before all of the students are re-taught, could you with you initially Missed rework.” In addition, the addition would have to be offered for this group created, if the regular classroom course, such as remedial courses or all-day offers. Also, “catching-up education offers” during the holidays conceivable.

Meidinger against the same Opening in all of the länder

Meidinger appealed against a simultaneous action of all the provinces when the operation of the School. He pointed out that there were countries in which the school year ends in June, and others in which until the end of July teaching takes place. You must take into consideration.

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He believe it is possible and appropriate that we open the schools, depending on the openness of a country by the Corona-crisis and with a view on the duration of the school year at different time points. “First of all, the graduating classes could go back to the schools or the students with special needs, and then gradually all of them.”

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Meidinger advises students with bad services to the voluntary seat

stay In an Interview with FOCUS Online Meidinger advised weak students with large gaps in knowledge, to think about it, in the next grade level progress. Clear could look forward to students that they will be displaced due to the special situation and the practiced indulgence. But this shifts the Problem into the next school year. “I advise students whose previous achievements were very bad, to repeat the school year to volunteer,” says Meidinger. Because that was a lot better than with huge gaps in knowledge in the next grade level to advance and to reinforce the difficulties as a result.

at the beginning of April, the President of the German teachers ‘ Association had warned that the schools would no longer be after the resumption of the operation of the School such as in front of the Corona-crisis. “The schools will not be so for the foreseeable future, as before, the Corona,” said Meidinger the Newspapers of the Funke media group. So going to school concerts, excursions and class trips for the time being give.

graduating classes should first be allowed to start again with a lesson

Meidinger called for a gradual re-opening of the schools, while respecting the infection protection. After the Easter break, could, initially, only the graduating classes back in the schools, in order to allow a “spatial equalization”. And could then, depending on the development of the infection protection rules for the other class levels are added.

Risky is it to put a long time on digital education, warned Meidinger. Studies have shown that digital learning in contrast to classroom teaching, on average, only a quarter of the learning success. Many children would be left behind by it “complete”. This includes children from families that could afford a PC, children with special needs and those from families where no English would be spoken belonged to.

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