according to the weekly Der Spiegel that the government is ready to allocate major airlines a total of nearly 10 billion euros. Of them 5.5 billion will be transferred in the form of so-called tacit participation. Simply put, the government requires a guaranteed return of 9% from dividends “Lufthansa”.

in addition, over € 1 billion the government expects a direct participation in a company – namely, to control over a 25.1% stake. Against this proposal, meanwhile, actively supports the management of “Lufthansa”, but, as they say local commentators, the choice of the Board of Directors is small.

the Remaining 3.5 billion euros, “Lufthansa” translate the state to a credit institution under the guarantee of the Federal government.

because of the pandemic, however, suffers from not only the German “Lufthansa”, but its subsidiaries in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. It is possible that these countries, in turn, will provide appropriate financial assistance to the “Austrian airlines”, “Brussels” and Swiss”. Probably also not for free either – instead, the governments of those countries will almost certainly require these companies to vote and the right of veto in the Board of Directors.