especially in Spain and Italy, by the Virus-a state of emergency so far hardest-hit Euro area countries, the call for “Corona-Bonds” getting louder and louder. A voice of many is the of the editor-in-chief of the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia”, Jordi Juan. He announced, in his Bulletin: “The southern European countries are ready, always Yes and to say Amen to everything that comes from the Mighty of the North.”

Spain and Italy had advertised last week at the EU-Video-summit vehemently for “Corona-Bonds” and were met with a fierce resistance from countries such as Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The summit postponed the decision whether to joint Euro bonds to cover the economic consequences of the Corona-crisis.

With the help of the European state bonds of the countries of the Euro-Zone would put money on the international financial markets. For this debt you would have to stick together. This would give, for example, make Italy better terms on the debt. Germany, however, would have to pay higher interest rates than in the past.

the Minister of Finance will have two weeks time

the Finance Ministers of The Euro-Zone now less than two weeks time, to present proposals, as Covid-19 affected States even more economical supports. In addition, the EU Commission is preparing, according to its own information, together with other institutions such as the European Central Bank (ECB), a “plan of action for a comprehensive economic recovery and unprecedented investment”.

so It is already turned on many wheels. However, this is not the proponents of the “Corona-Bonds” is not enough. Apparently, they now want to, in the wind shadow of the pandemic, not to enforce, which they succeeded in doing during the Euro-crisis: total of joint European debt liability.

“There’s a Zombie to be revived again”

values So anyway, it experts, such as the CSU financial expert in the European Parliament, Markus Ferber. “There’s an old Zombie to be revived, it used to be called Euro-Bonds,” he says. Ferber points out that any decision would have to agree to in the direction of Euro Bonds, the German Bundestag and other national parliaments. The hurdles are so high. dpa/Daniel Karmann, picture of The CSU MEP Markus Ferber.

“is money”, describes an EU Diplomat, the situation. “And we are willing to provide it to the persons Concerned. You can get any solidarity. But not that we will hold on to their old debt by introducing Eurobonds.“

Von der Leyen wants new debate on EU budget

The debate as an ideological battle that has little to do with actually more in need of help to The European Parliament approved last week, immediately measures from existing money pots, pumps a total of almost 40 billion euros into the ailing economy.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen requested that the debate about the future of the medium-term EU budget must now start anew: “If we look to the future, then the most powerful sign of European solidarity is a strong EU Budget. This needs to be discussed in the coming weeks. We need a solution.“ dpa/Zheng Huansong/XinHua/Reuters According to the EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen plans to the EU not have its own Corona-Bonds.

AfD remembers the old arguments

The financial expert of the Greens in the EU Parliament, Sven Giegold, think much of it, if Euro-Bonds would accompany this solution, and he called bluntly: “It is the same Virus that meets all of the EU member States and the people, therefore, we must not fall back into old divisions and the need to avoid austerity measures. Euro Bonds are the right response to the economic shock and the strongest message of political unity.“ the

an old in the direction of the dispute now returns in the course of the pandemic, the countries of the Euro belastetete in the past decade the cohesion. And a party to the above-washed, which still had the Euro-criticism as a core brand: the AfD. Today, Deputy Federal Chairman of the Beatrix von Storch recalls: “We were enticed with the promise in the euros, that Germany should never be liable for the debts of other EU States. With the Corona-Bonds that promise would be obsolete.“

so Far, the AfD was not able to benefit from the crisis. Now she remembers an old, already a real Argument and would like to embed it in their overall strategy: the people fear. The breeding ground for it is currently growing.The German government is duty-bound to not find it here, with the EU, fast answers, the spin-off strategy, the AfD and other right-wing populists rises.

“Hard but fair”: the infectiology login doubts other large-scale events of 2020, FOCUS Online/Wochit “Hard but fair”: the infectiology login doubts other large-scale events, 2020