The successor to the popular 9-euro ticket has been announced. However, the popular Germany ticket will be slightly more expensive. FOCUS online says what you need to know and how high the relief will be.

The Deutschlandticket will start at the beginning of 2023. It should cost 49 euros and be valid nationwide, like the 9-euro ticket. However, there are still unresolved questions that the federal and state governments must answer.

The new Deutschlandticket is part of the federal government’s new billion-euro relief package. It is intended to relieve German citizens in everyday life and at the same time strengthen local public transport. The package provides that the federal states will receive more money for the expansion of buses and trains.

Not clear. The federal government wants to introduce it on January 1, 2023, the regional transport companies see this date as “unrealistic”. Apparently you need until March 2023 to be able to sell the tickets.

Unlike the 9-euro ticket, the offer should remain for at least two years.

no The federal government is introducing it for 49 euros, but the transport companies are already talking about an entry-level price. The price could thus be adjusted step by step. The plans provide for price dynamics. The fee is automatically adjusted to the applicable inflation rate.

It is therefore possible that the ticket will cost more next year.

Yes and no.

Similar to the 9-euro ticket, the Deutschlandticket is valid nationwide on local public transport. These include buses, trams, subways and suburban trains operated by regional transport companies. The Deutschlandticket is also valid on trains operated by Deutsche Regionalbahn. So in the regional train (RB), in the regional express (RE) and in the interregioexpress (IRE) of the German railways. It also allows passengers to use Airport Express (FEX) buses and Metropolis Express (MEX) services.

However, the 49-euro ticket is not valid on the ICE, IC, EC and long-distance passenger services.

no According to the current status, the Bahncard 25 and the Bahncard 50 are not valid for the Germany ticket.

In principle, you can also use many regional transport companies with the Bahncard 100. So you don’t need an additional ticket.

The federal states and the responsible transport companies will bring the ticket to consumers as simply as possible. Anyone who wants to buy the 49-euro ticket will be able to buy it from machines, at the counter, from employees on the buses and trains and via the app.

FOCUS online asked the transport companies.

If those affected have taken out a subscription, it is still valid, the monthly ticket then costs 49 euros. The transition should be as easy as possible. If commuters pay monthly via the bank account for the bus and train subscription, the responsible company debits 49 euros in this case.

If the monthly ticket is cheaper than the Germany ticket, those affected have a special right of termination due to the price adjustment. In this case, it should be checked whether those affected can keep the tariff of the monthly pass.

As a rule, the employer pays for the monthly ticket for the job ticket. If the Deutschlandticket is cheaper than the monthly ticket, the 49-euro ticket is automatically credited. If the Deutschlandticket is more expensive, companies can continue to use the monthly ticket as a job ticket. Those affected must then pay for the 49-euro ticket themselves.

Unlike the 9-euro ticket, the new 49-euro ticket is not always the cheapest alternative.

Monthly passes are often available for less than 49 euros in rural areas and small towns. In this case, the monthly ticket will probably be resold, the 49-euro ticket is then just a supplementary product.

Students and schoolchildren could also keep their bus and train offers. The fares are usually much cheaper than the 49-euro ticket.

There are also 9 a.m. monthly tickets, senior citizens’ monthly tickets or weekday tariffs. They are basically cheaper than the proposed 49-euro ticket. There is therefore a threat of an intensification of the tariff jungle.

People who currently pay more than 50 euros for their monthly ticket benefit from the new Deutschlandticket. You can use the bus and train card nationwide.

If your monthly ticket currently costs less than 49 euros, you have to check whether the Germany ticket is worth it at all. Although you can use the 49-euro ticket nationwide, it does not help commuters. In this case, the 49-euro ticket is only lucrative during the holiday season.

no An additional ticket must be purchased for the bicycle.

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