This Thursday, the Bundestag voted on the management of the federal anti-discrimination agency. In mid-June, the cabinet proposed Ferda Ataman for this post – now she has been elected. Previously, there had been fierce controversy about the personnel.

The Bundestag met on Thursday shortly before the summer break for a mammoth session. On the agenda: the election of the federal government’s new anti-discrimination commissioner, Ferda Ataman. Now the result is available:

376 voted for Ataman, 278 no. There were 40 abstentions. As a reminder, 369 yes votes were necessary.

In mid-June, the cabinet proposed Ataman for this post – since then the personnel has been the subject of controversial debate. Among other things, because Ataman referred to Germans as potatoes.

Opposition politicians from the Union and AfD, but also individual representatives of the governing party FDP, therefore deny the journalist’s suitability. Among other things, you describe Ataman as a “left-wing activist” who stands for “divisive identity politics”. SPD leader Saskia Esken speaks of a “slanderous campaign”.

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