it is Well possible that Switzerland will soon be the next big Online Shop. Meanwhile, it is also clear how the new Portal, the customer wants to present. Only problem is that the Federal court deals with the lawsuit from Otto’s at Otto. Sounds confusing? That is exactly the Problem!

From the beginning: The discounters ‘Otto’s, wholesale, made of Ex-FDP national Councilor Otto Ineichen (†71), known in Switzerland almost everyone. Almost everybody knows in Germany, the Otto mail-order house. This was not a Problem, as none of the Hag frass.

Otto leans out of the window

But that’s exactly what want to do, Otto (German) now. Since last year, the Hamburg-based endeavour, in Switzerland, an Online presence under the address: build. Not surprisingly, that does not fit the Swiss Almost-namesake: Otto’s got to mean a protection of the market is worthy position, Mark Ineichen (47), Otto’s son, Otto’s CEO. And last year, moved in with the Argument before the Lucerne cantonal court.

The lawsuit was thrown out by the end of November (VIEW reported); Otto’s moved, however, continue to stand trial in Federal court, which deals now with the matter.

Although the judgment is still outstanding, reject the invaders from the North out of the window. Led its Swiss website for weeks, even on the Homepage of the Jelmoli-shipping – the online presence of the traditional Swiss brand belongs to the Otto Group, Otto is now a private appearance. “All of it. Easy, Otto.”, emblazoned on the Homepage – pretty English. From the summer of 2019, it is intended to offer the “complete diversity” in this country. To buy it gives up, then nothing.

Good opportunities for German

Specifically, three categories: fashion, Living and technology. Is the bottom line: This is not only a frontal attack on the grocery store, Otto’s, but also to the furniture stores and clothing shops. “We are currently in the development of the Online shop and in preparation for the market entry,” writes a spokesperson on the request of a VIEW. “We are, so to speak, in the wings.”

The Germans have reason to be hopeful: The cantonal court of Lucerne had given them a 15 out of 15 points in a right – of-factly considered, the effect of Otto’s Appeal before the Federal Supreme court pretty much chanceless.

For the latest store development at Otto wanted to say, Otto’s chief Ineichen on a VIEW-request nothing.