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oxyhydrogen gas sample reading is called in chemistry a controlled Explosion. The German Islam conference (DIK) has now offered one and a half days, such a spectacle for the interested Public: the controlled Explosion of various fierce passions that are raging within the Muslim Community in Germany.

it has Nuts, while on the DIK – but behind closed doors. Never was a public so alive, controversial and interesting as this year.

The liberal Muslims came together: some are religious, others secular; some want to talk about xenophobia, while others position themselves against the “political Islam”. A front-page headline of the Bild newspaper caught the minds: were Shown three conference participants from the newly founded Initiative, Secular Islam, which can move because of her criticism of the Religion with a 15-man strong personnel protection through life.

even as the then Minister of the interior Wolfgang Schäuble in 2006, the first Islam conference in a ceremony at the Berlin Orangerie opened, it should be in the to come back rooms, almost fisticuffs between the participants. On the one hand, the representatives of traditional Islam associations – and above all, the Turkish-based Ditib, but also of the Islamrats, the mosque Association and later founded the Central Council of the Muslims.

It hurt, on all sides,

On the other hand, the so-called individuals, especially Publicist, were like Necla Kelek or the lawyer Seyran Ateş, operate today under the Label of Islam critics. The anger exploded at that time, parallel to the world’s raging cartoon controversy, had not only political reasons. Here, the sons of guest workers met their muddiness sisters, who had brought in the recognition by the majority society and on the heritage of the founding fathers spat – so anyway, it felt in some representations. It hurt, on all sides.

– Not least from this experience, decided the Minister of the interior Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) and Thomas de Maizière (CDU), the DIK concrete to sterility. Care, Islamic education, pastoral care – these were the topics with which the individuals agreed, mostly in the conversation with the associations, without. Muslim funerals, have been talked about. A morning was enough.

It is said that in the spring the Chancellor had taken with her already in the refugee crisis on the cross opposite Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer, shortly after his remark that “Islam belongs to Germany” aside and said to him: If you don’t follow the DIK, I’ll get you into the Chancellery. And you will be led by Markus Kerber.