(Los Angeles) German actor Christian Oliver, known for his roles in the films Speed ​​Racer and Saved by the Bell, died with his two daughters in the crash of a private plane in the Caribbean, local authorities said .

The small craft crashed Thursday in the ocean “a few moments after takeoff”, near the island of Little Nevis, in the archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, police explained on the social networks.

“There were three passengers on board, namely: Mr. Christian Klepser [the actor’s real name, Editor’s note] […] and his two daughters,” explains the press release.

Their bodies “were recovered from the aircraft by Coast Guard personnel and were subsequently declared by a medical examiner,” police said. An autopsy is underway and an investigation has been opened.

The plane had left the island of Bequia at midday and was supposed to go to that of Saint Lucia, according to the police.

Christian Oliver was 51 years old, and had many films and series under his belt, both in Germany and Hollywood.

He notably played in the German series Cobra Alert, and had supporting roles in major American productions such as Speed ​​Racer and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.