Football This week picks up with the French sports L’equipe, with a string of coaches who have most left their mark at Olympique de Marseille. Eric Gerets will be explained. In the South of France, they still have a good feeling about returning to the period of time under the guidance of The Lion .

Our fellow from september 2007 to may 2009 in charge of the Côte d’azur in france. Gerets has won a price with Marseille, but he is in his second and final season of the egg, after its French title. After an exciting race turned out to Bordeaux in just a little bit stronger. According to L’equipe, it is Gerets is “one of the most popular trainers in the club history, due to his natural charisma, and a knowledge of human nature”.

After the lost title to hit the coach with a contract extension in the region of Provence in order to work in the United states of america. Gerets chose to be an Al-Hilal, however, the departure of it struck him hard, he told me later. “Emotionally, it was very, very difficult. I have seen many people with tears in their eyes. Maybe I was Raymond Goethals will not be able to forget about it, but I would venture to say that I will have the same impact, have failed to do so.”

if you are the fans of Marseille, in any case, however. As a member of a supportersbeweging in French, sports is nothing but a compliment. “With Gerets, I was more concerned than it was during the kampioenenseizoen under Deschamps. It’s good when you can feel that, as a coach, and is determined as he is. Gerets was the hidden force who is not boastful and have the full support of the team yet. He was able to affect people and had a good sense of humor.”

a Man of his word

a former member of the board, has only good memories of the passage of Gerets. “The wedding was fast and they hit it off right away with the club, the players and the fans. He is in many ways symbolic, then it’s most due to his ability. He had a great personality, was very outspoken, and just, in retrospect, he was always gracious and friendly… It wasn’t a man of his word, which is always a consensus and chose.”

The respect is mutual. Gerets has Marseille in his heart. After his departure, when he was repeatedly linked with Paris Saint-Germain, not least because Gerets, in Qatar, a team coached by the same owner. Of the 86 times that of the international in his own words, ” never be the coach of PSG, out of respect for Marseille, france.