In the South-Trøndelag district court is a man in the 20-years on charges of having contributed to the fraud through nettbanksvindel.

He has confessed the theft of bank and credit cards from postkassar and that he lent out his account for the scam could be carried out.

Stole credit cards from postkassar: Charges for nettbanksvindel of 4.4 million – Account hack

Gerd is one of the 15 insult that is with in the indictment from the u.s. attorney in the county. 14. last October she was ringd up of the “Petter Wikstrøm from Larvikbanken”.

He told them that she and the man were innvilga a loan of 150.000 nok. Gerd said she had not applied for any loans and that ho had no account in Larvikbanken.

When your account is hack, the man said.

He asked if they had an account in another bank, for then he could help with to prevent it.

– I was the perfect set out with the thought that anybody could get hold of savings our.
So I gave up the name of the bank we had, ” explains Gerd to NRK.

NECTAR: the Defendant nectar for that he is called to sacrifice. This image from him on Snapchat was a joke, he said in court.

they Believed she had the help

“Kunderådgjevaren” said then that he could put across to a person in the relevant bank. Immediately after came another person on the line.

Gerd don’t know if it was the same person who only fordreia voice say. He said that if he had personopplysningar and the bank id, so he should ensure that kontoane their was not tappa.

I got the impression that this must go fast. I knew that such information not be given out on the telephone. But I was completely lamma, so he had innloggingsinformasjonen for both me and my husband, ” said Gail testified in court Tuesday.

15 victims: Man arrested and prosecuted for “Olga-scam” Bank account was tappa for one million

he also said that He would send Gail an e-mail to corroborate what he had done to stop the money. And she had a phone number she could call him on.

Gerd never had any e-mail. A few days after was the account of her husband tappa for slightly more than a million. The money on her was not taken.

But the number she had been given by “kunderådgjevaren” was not in use. Then realized Gerd that this was a scam.

DIGITAL TRIAL: the Trial was conducted digitally with sound and image because of koronasituasjonen.

Photo: Kari Sørbø / NRK – I feel so stupid

the Number she was called from the mayor at 33. She knew that it was a Vestfoldnummer. She checked and it was registered on Larvikbanken. In retrospect, she has been told that the criminal can arrange it so that it looks like they are calling from another number.

Gerd has always been careful to not answer the phone from unknown number. That she let him trick this time, think she is embarrassing, she said in court.

– I feel so stupid.

Million that disappeared had her husband saved from the time he was 15 years old. Money, the couple should enjoy themselves in the pensjonisttilværet.

– Cynical criminals

a Few days after the scam began to come letter to her husband. It was a credit card from banks and phone subscription that was established in his name. It suggests that svindlarane have used the identity of his several places.

Gerd told to NRK that they had a lot of work to contact avsendarane and tell you that this was a scam. In court showed she koronasituasjonen in the day and what follows it has for dagleglivet to all.

We have almost been in quarantine since 16. October. It is forferdeleg that cynical criminals may destroy such for the older man. That there are people who do such.

PURCHASED WITH the SVINDELPENGAR: A Rolex watch was handed over at a hotel in Oslo. It was purchased with svindelpengar.

Police point out unknown ringleaders

Police think the defendant is a part of a network where the unknown ringleaders control the scam.

Million that disappeared from sparekontoen to Gerd her husband was divided up, on several accounts, among other things, to a renamed in Sweden. But the police have not managed to find concerning the.

nok 200,000 went to an account in the Norwegian Spareskillingsbanken. Owner of the account is a person in Hawaii who is it ” and have confessed the fraud.

He witnessed in the South-Trøndelag district court because he sent a package to the defendant. The [between anna cash. The defendant explained in court that he knew about the package before it arrived, and that he never opened it.

There are several sacrifices in the nettbanksvindelsaka than they that are with in the indictment. Trøndelag police district has samarbeidd closely with the South-East police district where most of the fifteen offered in the indictment, bur. It informs the prosecutor, politiadvokat Line Novstad Klungreseth to NRK.

CREDIT card IN the MAIL: her Husband had the credit card in the mail after the scam. (Illustration)

Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix Extensive fraud both in Sweden and Denmark

She says the method that is used in this case, is still more widespread in Sweden and Denmark. She believes it is important to provide information about the methods so that they all become more årvakne when they are oppringde.

The younger generation must talk with the parents about that the criminal can call them. And they must not disclose any information, but call the bank to check if this is real or scam, win politiadvokaten .

During the trial backslidings prosecutor, three of the tiltalepunkta because there is not enough evidence that the defendant was with these. It means that the fraud of the defendant must answer for now is 2.7 million.

the Prosecutor laid down the assertion about a and a half years in prison.