as a Former tour winner Geraint Thomas on Monday, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph let it be understood that he is not a supporter of the Tour de France without any general public. That option is on the table at the French ministry of Sport, and the tour organization has (as the ASO) in order to still be able to organize it in time of the same name.

“Without the fans there is no Tour, the 33-year-old Dutch boss, who will be the Tour de france in 2018, it noted. Furthermore, he showed himself to be a considerate and for having doubts about the organization.

Thomas, would like to be racing, but I realized that health is is currently in in the first place. “From the fact that it is possible, I would like to re-quotes. But I tell you though: it wasn’t until the thing as. The debate on whether or not to continue with the Tour, I can understand that. I know, too, that it is ‘just’ sport, but there are a lot of jobs are at stake. Health must be the top priority. It’s a tough choice.”

in the past, cancellations of the european football CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympic Games will continue for the time being only the Tour de France is about as big sporting events this summer. Take a Tour with the public is much less likely, and, therefore, communicated to the French minister of Sport, Roxana Maracineanu, of last week for a Tour and behind-closed-doors, it is possible.

The Tour, you will normally be on the 27th of June, starting in the city. The traditional arrival in Paris is scheduled for July 19.

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