people’s artist of Russia Gennady Khazanov hospitalized, reports “the Fifth channel”.

the artist is in the cardiology Department of the hospital. According to the channel, the doctors diagnosed Khazanov unstable angina.

on Friday, 3 July, several media outlets reported that Khazanov, doctors have come because of alleged health problems. Later in Telegram-channel 112, the information appeared that the actor was diagnosed with unstable angina. According to the publication, he refused hospitalization. However, the actor himself denied the reports about the call physicians due to poor health. He noted that feeling well and about any hospitalization of the question.

Gennady Khazanov — Soviet and Russian entertainer, actor, and theater actor, TV host and public figure. In 1997 he became the Director of the variety Theatre. The actor has appeared in such films and television series, as “prisoner of the Caucasus!”, “My fair nanny”, “Who’s the boss?” and “still waters”. In addition, he voiced the parrot Kesha in three parts of the cartoon “return of the prodigal parrot”.