Due to the early termination of the Jupiler Pro League in fumbles, Racing Genk and finished seventh in the state in addition to European soccer. Coach Hannes Wolf’s perspective, the lack of a European ticket.

The decision may still not be absolutely definitive, but it is the season of the Belgium league has come to an end. Genk could be leaving win a national championship not a European ticket and to enforce it, but the German coach is that there are more important things to raise it. “It is fate, it is a lot worse than that. We are now going to bed.”

in a lot of clubs are experiencing financial hard times due to the lost revenue from tv rights, and wedstrijdrecettes. However, according to Hannes-Wolf may, Genk, financially, to take a beating.

“The club is in good health. After a while, we’ll be on top,” says the 38-year-old Wolf-in-German voetbalblad < / I> Baby.

the Wolf went back to Dortmund, germany to be with his family, and it is, therefore, not in the Genk practice fields to be made. The Figures from last weekend, in spite of the competitiestop be re-trained. They are, however, in a small group, a part of the core, and with due respect for the rules of social distancing. Also, with AA Gent will once again play football. The players will be allowed according to the club’s fitness level.

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