whence comes his passion for the car, unveiled by Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis (57) is equal to the beginning of his opening speech at the 89. The Geneva auto salon from yesterday Thursday: “I was fascinated from a young age. My father Gino to me shortly before his death, his Fiat Giardinetta, built in 1952, bequeathed, I take care of him like my eyeball.” More Cassis says: “cars emotions that enrich my life. That’s why I’m also enormously happy to be here. The Salon is the perfect Symbol for a dynamic Switzerland.” His childlike enthusiasm had to make in the Federal Council’s everyday life, however, sober functionality of space. “Today, the car is for me, a mobile office, I read and work in it. To touch, of course, without the tax.”

a Real enthusiasm in Cassis

That Cassis feels in contrast to other Swiss magistrates genuine enthusiasm is felt in the obligatory tour of the fair also. In detail, the EDA can head to the stands the finesse to explain. Not all of them took advantage of this opportunity. “I’d have to sign up first, so that you may enter,” according to him, a brunette escort beauty at Rolls-Royce. She has no idea who is standing there, accompanied by the Geneva government of President Antonio Hodgers (43), and auto show President Maurice Turrettini, in front of her. Better Andreas Meyer (57), the SBB makes it-the CEO presents to the Federal Council, the flexible sheet-mobility concept Green Class personally.

A Party to the framework agreement,

Normal visitors simply take advantage of the opportunity for a Selfie souvenir, Marco Biasco (28). “I love the Salon and always come on Thursday,” says the bearded Zurich. He is one of the 30 percent of visitors are between 15 and 29 years. “For you, for the youth, we need to contribute to our planet’s care and shape the future,” says Cassis. He finds it highly gratifying that the importance of environmental protection is greatly increased. “My wife and I are going private for four years with an electric car.” Not to mention he wants to allows for but also the economic component of the industry and the jobs, “through the bilateral agreements. Therefore, we should create, together with the EU institutional framework”.

on a visit at Putin’s limousine Bauer

the last Station on Cassis’ tour of the state-of-the Russian brand Aurus. The foreign Minister, admired the car, which was used in 2018 for the first time as the state limousine of Vladimir Putin (66). No Less a figure than Denis Manturov (50), Minister for industry and trade, welcomed the Cassis in there and inquires after his party colleague and former Federal councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann (67). “Now in retirement, now you’re stuck with me”, quips the Ticino glad nature, and immortalised in the guestbook.

it is almost mandatory that the chief of the Swiss car industry the official opening ceremony followed. But this year, many car ditched bosses, the opening speech by Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis. Maybe it’s because since a few years, the Federal President, but “only” a Federal Council for the opening to Geneva is delegated? Who knows. VIEW has captured the reactions of the auto industry for the opening speech.

François Launaz, President Auto-Schweiz

“A positive opening speech. Ignazio Cassis seems to have the problems of our industry recognized. He noted, but critically, it is now up to the industry to find solutions so that we can destroy our planet. And he’s right.”

Bernd High, CEO of Mitsubishi Switzerland

“It was a very sympathetic speech by the Federal councillor Cassis. He spoke of emotions and visions, and seems to take our industry very seriously.”

Olivier Rihs, future auto show-Director

“Every Swiss connects apparently a personal history with the car salon. It should be, because you’ve been there before – or necessarily even wants to come. Cassis the language but also about emotions. And this is explained on the example of the early deceased father inherited the cars, to which he is now a very special relationship.”