The Geneva-based BDP is not distracted. Despite resistance from Bern, the controversial candidate Eric Stauffer (54) remains on your list for the elections to the national Council. You’ll leave the main and the sub – lists so that informed interim President André Leitner today. Stauffer occurs on a sub-list called “Parti Citoyen démocrate Genève d’abord” (“civic democratic party Geneva first”).

However, The party membership remains Stauffer for the time being, denied. The membership application is suspended at the Moment, said Leitner. You’ll see how the collaboration will create and after the elections, the Whole, again to judge.

CVP gave him a basket

The BDP Switzerland had been previously strongly against Stauffer. Because this is not a blank slate. Stauffer, among other things, co-founder of the right-wing populist party, the Mouvement Citoyens Genevois (MCG) was. He also wanted to be a candidate for the CVP, but was placed in front of the door. The second evacuation followed.

Stauffer passe not for the BDP, said the party Vice-President Lorenz Hess (58). Furthermore, it is not usual to apply to the national party membership. This is according to the party line only when a person come out of a Canton in the cantonal party.

the Geneva party colleagues see it that way. As a Protest against the Position of the party leadership, Thierry Vidonne, President of the BDP Geneva and Vice-President of the BDP in Switzerland, resigned from his Offices back. He also announced his candidacy for the National Council and Council of States to withdraw.

Landolt: “We make sure no jumps for joy”

In the case of the BDP in Switzerland the Detention of the cantonal party to the candidacy Stauffers sourly note. “We make sure no jumps for joy,” says party President, Martin Landolt (51). The BDP stand for solidarity, Switzerland open to the world. “We do not believe that Mr. Stauffer represents these values.” Ultimately, however, it should be a decision of the Geneva cantonal party. “We have to accept.”