Sadio Mané is socially involved in his home country of Senegal – the Bavarian newcomer makes hundreds of thousands of euros available to his home village and builds schools and hospitals.

Almost a million for the home village: Bayern Munich’s summer transfer Sadio Mané is also very committed off the pitch – in his home country, Senegal, the superstar regularly supports social commitment, as “tz” reports. In 2019 he provided 300,000 euros to build a school in his home village of Bambali – in 2021 he donated another 600,000 euros to open a hospital.

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Mané gives to make things better for others: The reasons for his commitment are very personal: “I remember that my sister was also born at home because there is no hospital in our village. I wanted to build one to give people hope,” admits Mané.

Mané’s childhood was chaotic: at the age of 15 he left home for the first time. “I didn’t tell anyone except my best friend. My family tried to call me everywhere, eventually they brought me back. I was mad at everyone.” That’s another reason why the footballer, who is worth millions, wants to take revenge today – so that others have it better than he used to.