“It will be another 132 years before men and women have equal wages, opportunities and rights.” That is the staggering conclusion of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report. Since 2006, the annual report has examined the opportunities for men and women in 146 countries with regard to education, health and political and economic participation.

The sad result: Corona has thrown back the prospect of gender equality worldwide by a generation, the WEF reported. The reason: During the pandemic, proportionally more women lost their jobs than men.

The inequality in the labor market was greater than at any time since the surveys began in 2006. This is also due to the fact that care work, such as looking after children, was still largely the task of women when kindergartens and schools were closed. Even before the pandemic, unpaid work accounted for 19 percent of all working hours for men, but 55 percent for women.

Germany made it to tenth place in the gender ranking this year. In a gender equality ranking, Germany has achieved its highest value since the start of the analysis 16 years ago. This is mainly due to the former Chancellor Angela Merkel, who gave Germany many points thanks to her long term in office, according to a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Foundation on Wednesday. The number of years in which a country was governed by a female head of government is included in the index. Overall, the WEF looks at the areas of business, education, health and politics.

As before, Iceland, Finland, Norway and New Zealand are in first place.

Dermot Lennon arrives at Dublin Airport at the end of June after a holiday trip. Not his luggage. A week later, he buys a new plane ticket only to walk into baggage claim and look for his bags himself.

A curious incident involving ships occurred on the Rhine near Koblenz. An 80-year-old skipper mistakenly drove a 180-meter-long pusher unit into a branch of the current off the fairway on Saturday night, as the water police announced on Sunday.

When he stepped down as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said he was sad to be leaving the best job in the world. His wife Carrie, on the other hand, wants to move out as soon as possible. She allegedly found 10 Downing Street like a prison.