The Timing has a symbol: just in Time for Valentine’s day, Parliament makes the “marriage for all” forward. Over five years the initiative of the green liberal hovering around in the Parliament. Now the legal Commission of the national Council has passed a bill to do so.

The gay organisation Pink Cross cheers. Because the Commission has decided, two variants to consider. On the one hand, the “marriage for all” without adjustments to the reproduction right. On the other hand, but also a bolder solution at the time of the sperm donation for lesbian couples is allowed. For the more daring step, the lesbian and gay organizations had fought.

No amendment to the Constitution is needed

Only a very narrow majority in the law Commission prefers the first variant. A result, was “very positively surprised”, says Roman Heggli, managing Director of Pink Cross. “The Commission has noted that a template for the “marriage for all” consistently. It needs the same rights for all of us – in all respects!”

the variant with the sperm donation in the consultation process, a legal opinion is likely to have given to the rash, the Pink Cross and other organisations were made.

The report comes to the conclusion that a law is not sufficient change, to legalize the sperm donation for lesbian couples. An Amendment to the Constitution is, contrary to previous assumptions, but not necessary.

“, The majority of the population behind us”

a key fell away, in the end, the Argument against a template, including sperm donation-legalization. However, a new argument came up: that It would be unjust, if only lesbians were allowed for sperm donation, gay couples may, however, continue to have no children. Because the surrogacy, which is undisputed, continues to be prohibited.

A majority of the Commission was concerned that the template is overloaded, and thus as a Whole at risk if it also applies to the reproduction right. An opinion Heggli does not share: “I am convinced that we also have in this issue a majority of the population behind us. Rainbow families are finally a reality.”

Registered partnership should be abolished

Regardless of whether the sperm donation is legalized or not, the “marriage for all”-design that with the Opening up of marriage for same-sex couples will be abolished in favour of the registered partnership.

couples who are already living in a registered partnership can keep that Status – but also get the possibility of partnership in a marriage.