Gave a vow of chastity Wasserman remembered the love of my life

Journalist and TV presenter Anatoly Wasserman became the hero of the program “the Destiny of man” on the “Russia 1”. Participant of the intellectual games told host Boris Korchevnikov about love life.

According to Wasserman, in school he fell in love with a girl named Lena Nikiforova, dreamed about all the boys in the class. “I talked to the teachers about it. I, too, was in love with her. I was beaten,” recalled Wasserman. He noticed that Lena was his last love.

Earlier, on April 24 Wasserman said that his vow of chastity gave in his youth. “Had to blurt out nonsense. But the word is not a Sparrow: fly — you can not shoot”, — said the publicist. He stressed that life abstaining from sex regret. While he has no desire to fool everyone and to have sex, because he too values his word.

On his decision to the broadcaster also said in September. Then he noticed that never felt the urge to see a prostitute as a very stubborn and not forgive myself for broken words.