The controversial entertainer once again shared the UPS and downs of his family life in the program Andrei Malakhov “live”.

Amid regime isolation Gauguin, he said, finds out the relationship with the Tereshkovich, which, according to him, fell into depression and even forced to drink medicine.

His elderly wife, whom he was accused of addiction to alcohol, continues to grieve her husband’s erratic behavior.

As one of the programme staff, quoted in “the Source”, to cope with it, the sun can not,

“He’s already robbed her of money and intimacy”.

Meanwhile, on instagram the controversial artist puts quite cute family pictures.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the freak Gauguin Solntsev Instagram announced that he is preparing a “friend of the family” Lydia Alexandrovna.

Where zapropastilsya his beloved wife Catherine Tereshkovich, he explained. Previously, the entertainer was told that they now live together. the

Publish from Gauguin Solntsev (@solntcev) 12 APR 2020 5:05 PDT