The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), responsible for tariff setting, obviously, will not have time until July 1 to approve the increase in wholesale gas prices in 2020. It was assumed that they will grow by 3% for both population and industry. However, given the sharp drop in prices in export markets, the industry asked the FAS to cancel the indexing, and the regulator in April allowed it. But now, according to “Kommersant”, the FAS are still in favour of a tariff increase, but the final decision is made. Delay will result in losses for the gas companies: in case of cancellation of the rise in prices “Gazprom” could receive about 23 billion rubles., and independent producers — 15-17 billion RUB Increase in regulated gas prices in 2020 will not happen before July 1. Source FAS planned to increase the tariff by 3% for the population and for industry, which corresponds to the socio-economic forecast. But in the spring the service allowed the refusal of indexation of regulated prices for the population due to pandemic coronavirus. The head of FAS Igor Artemyev at the online conference on 30 June stated that the discussion continues.”Now pass the last meeting, which should finally resolve this question (indexation of gas prices.— “Kommersant”). So I can’t prejudge the situation. But I repeat that in the forecast of socio-economic development is laid, it is laid down, respectively, and in the budget in the form of deductions for taxes, so the probability of such solutions is quite high,” explained mister Artemyev, without specifying in what time frame can be decided.Even if it happens recently, the introduction of indexation seriously delayed. Thus, the indexing in the best case will happen at the end of July, and the growth rate for the entire period will be less than 3%.Abolish the indexation of gas prices for industry of the FAS asked in Union. But the service refused the business, citing the deteriorating situation “Gazprom” the letter of the Deputy head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovsky business and government on 3 June (document published Telegram-channel “Green snake”, the authenticity was confirmed by sources “b”). In the letter of the FAS leads the energy Ministry’s estimates that the shortfall in income of “Gazprom” from-for absence of indexation can reach 23 billion rubles for the second half of 2020 and the first half of 2021 (i.e. for the tariff year). The abolition of indexation can lead to lower capex, reduction of funds for reconstruction of infrastructure and procurement of “Gazprom” suggested to the FAS.Based on the fact that the volume of deliveries of gas from independent producers is about 140 billion cubic meters, losses from the lack of indexation can amount to 15-17 billion rubles, counted Dmitry Akinshin from Vygon Consulting. In his opinion, a significant increase in revenues of gas producers, in principle, possible only in the absence of indexation TareeFA gas transport, which was last held in 2017.Tatiana Woodpecker