Gazprom surprises with a strange tweet about the leaks in the two Nord Stream pipelines. Gazprom writes that the pressure in the two Nord Stream 1 pipelines and in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has stabilized again. Accordingly, no more gas would flow out of the leaks. However, as reported by t-online, the Swedish Coast Guard contradicts this claim. During a flight over the lines, it could be seen that gas was no longer escaping from Nord Stream 1, but gas was still escaping from Nord Stream 2.

The second part of the tweet is then surprising: “Should it be decided to start gas deliveries through line B of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, it is now technically possible to introduce natural gas (…) into this pipeline”. However, Nord Stream 2 has never been commissioned and there is no authorization to commission it. Assumptions from Twitter users suggest that Gazprom could try to force Germany to put the pipeline into operation after all. Other users also see the tweet as an indirect admission by Russia that it is responsible for the damage to the gas pipelines.

Four leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines were discovered last week. Before that there were violent explosions. The leaks are near the Danish island of Bornholm, two of them in Danish territorial waters and the other two in Swedish territorial waters. The lines were not in operation at the time, but were filled with gas for technical reasons, Gazprom said.

The traffic light has finally agreed. After a long back and forth, the federal government has announced its concrete thoughts on the much-debated gas price brake. Despite the measure worth billions, Habeck warns to save energy.

According to the World Bank, more than 140 billion cubic meters of methane are flared off globally every year. Now a study reveals that this process, known as “flaring”, is even more harmful to the climate than previously thought.

The fuel price brake is history, but electricity costs are also rising rapidly. Motorists think twice about whether switching to an electric car is still worthwhile. An example calculation shows whether the combustion engine is ahead.

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Amazon Prime Day 2022 – the sequel: Prime subscribers can shop for exclusive bargains again as early as October. With the second Prime Day this year, Amazon heralds the pre-Christmas shopping season. There are even advance offers with up to 50% discount. Everything is included, from gas cookers to Amazon Echo models.