In anticipation of the may influx of vacationers, many regions have introduced unprecedented security measures. Special mode and electronic passes to some was not enough. To put a barrier in the way of tourists from other regions, especially from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the authorities of the regions decided to require all entrants to go on a two-week quarantine.

the First such measures went, as we remember, in the Krasnodar region and the Crimea, they were later joined by such “clean regions”, as Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Altai Republic and a number of areas. Closer to the holidays, such as thinking in Moscow and Petrograd to get pretty easy. First strict rules imposed the Vladimir region. From April 30 to send to the quarantine all visitors are decided and the authorities of the Pskov region. The expectation is that the cottagers, who selected the area for the holidays, will not dare to come here. Because to leave earlier, than two weeks they did not succeed.

in fact, in the Pskov region St. Petersburg Moscow and vacationers rushed to wait coronavirus in the middle of March. But it was mostly pensioners who decided early to open the holiday season. They are really around don’t hang around and are willing to spend not just two weeks, but all three months. This category of vacationers checked in mid-April. Monitoring of the situation showed that they’re a pretty law-abiding. Outside the gate, out of necessity, engaged in farming. But closer to the holidays, a contingent of tourists has changed.

every day I the product breed. In the last month not how many non-resident cars. In the summer, there is so much! says a friend of the courier. – Literally in droves, only without the traffic. And the rooms – some just don’t meet. But mostly, of course, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Only one week at the end of March to Pskov pulled 100 thousand Petersburgers. Before may holidays the region is tense, the head of the country districts in social networks began to beg guests to respect the quarantine and Muscovites and Petersburgers – to discuss how they will hang out for the holidays in the Pskov region. But in regional administration a thousand times recalled that just on the barbecue in the region is not empty.

From April 30, the control on the border with the Pskov region have increased. The police checks the documents. The necessary papers that the region is entering the property. Or that there are living relatives. The second argument works if entering under the age of 65 years. If, however, documents that confirm the right of entry, there is something “not waste time”, says the Pskov Governor Mikhail Vedernikov. On the border is expanded.

But that’s not all. Those who came from another region, you need to call in the Pskov center and Express entry. And then ��to mosolits for 14 days. Of course, nearly every quarantine the police will not put, but if residents stop on the street or on the road for a walk to Pskov – just fined. Moreover, the police are only empowered to sentence yourself. Previously had to refer such cases to the court.

And to leave the Pskov region gardeners and loving children will be able 14 days after entry. Previously, the police would not release, even be fined for violation of the restrictions, warn the authorities. At least this applies to those who do not go “forest trails”, and on Federal highways.

“MK in Pskov”